I want to use a different partition for VM's but can't get access unless as admin

I have several partitions on my SSD that’s dual boot with my Mac. I want to use one of the partitions for my VM’s as I’m running out of space on my main 200GB partition. However, after creating the partition as ext4, I’m only able to edit the drive as an admin so VirtualBox can’t create a folder on the drive. How do I give the whole drive admin access, or what would be called normal access. I just want to be able to use the drive for whatever I want to use it for but not as an admin.

I figured out how to give the folder I want access to myself without needing root access by right clicking on the folder and choosing properties and then using permissions and selecting my username instead of root. But I’d like to be able to do this for the whole drive.

Update, I think I was able to do it for the whole drive by clicking properties once I gave myself root access and doing the same thing once I open the drive. Could it really be this easy? I’ve seen all kinds of terminal commands discussed on other forums to do this.