I want to start stripping manjaro plasma

I want to start stripping Manjaro plasma of it’s unnecessary components.
I am not ready for totaled bare-bone Linux installation like Manjaro Architect and Arch-Linux.
But I want to learn not from bottom to top approach but top to bottom approach.
I have lots of useless applications and things installed.
When I was total newbie I also installed useless things from gui based download manager from extra community. The downloaded and installed useless things are very high in numbers.
Also suggest me how to make it a performance beast.
With the best tweaks a programmer especially a python programmer should have.
I also want to make it as minimalist as possible.
I am a aspiring programmer from a university studying programming.
My thing is performance and the less minimalistic and less distracting and performance based it will be, the more fantastic it will be.
I mostly use,


  • Python and sum of its installed libraries.
  • Vim
  • Git
  • JVM
  • JavaScript
  • C++
  • C
  • C#
  • Bash
  • HTML
  • SQL
  • CSS


  • Firefox ( A must)
  • Terminal
  • TTY(s)
  • Vs Code ( very rarely) ( prefer using it for web development only)
  • Kate
  • Dolphin Browser
  • PhotoViewer ( to view the screenshots I take)
  • Document Viewer (for reading books in pdf format)
  • To screenshot the whole or selective screen sized.

Shell I use is .zshrc
At top of my head I can remember this things only.
I am performance extremist, because I have a decent pc build.
The more resources I have within my finite available resources the better.
I am a aspiring ML/AI and Data Science engineer.
Also aspiring to become good at competitive programming.

So please suggest me workflows, and also stripping everything down whatever is required to make my installed distro performance beast.
Thank you in advance.
The Manjaro community is wonderful.
Very grateful for the love the community gives back in the from of replies and attentiveness to problems and that too instant replies in a very short amount of time.
Very grateful for such a wonderful community,.

This is pretty simple really, just note all the applications you don’t use and uninstall them. The only thing I delete is all the wallpapers. It takes a bit of time to download during updates and I don’t use them. But really this excise doesn’t really speed up your computer, just gains a bit of drive space, and that shouldn’t really be a problem in this day.




There’s very little performance gain in stripping down Plasma.

If your goal is to create a working environment targeting your specific need - you are better off using the manjaro-tools packages to create your own ISO.

Manjaro-tools - Manjaro

It is faster than stripping the official environment as you don’t have to remove packages but instead you decide what packages you need by editing the file Packages-Desktop

I have a set of packages which creates a minimal desktop based on lxqt with kwin, and plasma workspace is easily added.

I use it when creating a minimal desktop on a raspberry pi.

GitHub - fhdk/lxqt-kwin


If you need mor speed-performance use a different gui instead of plasma. cinnamon or xfce are more snappy.



As for your comment, I can say that there are several and several analyzes between Plasma and Xfce where the latter shows much less performance than Plasma.

So in summary, it’s not the number of applications that will increase or decrease Plasma’s performance, but the way applications are configured on the system.

I use Manjaro Plasma and BigLinux and it is from the latter that I replicate the settings for my Manjaro Plasma.

Things that make apps open faster and Plasma itself perform better can be found at: BigLinux · GitHub

For example: GitHub - biglinux/disable-fsync

T+ = See you later

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