I want to remove kde

I want to go away from kde. I have started using manjaro kde 5-6 months ago and it only caused more trouble for me. I know it can be heavily customizable but I don’t want that. A few icon or theme change will be fine for. I think kde is very bloated with its components and dependancies. I heard xfce is minimal but what about gnome? I once tried to install gnome but it didn’t work with some package conflict errors. I need some suggestions. I am still newbie for a linux user.


I’am a advice for you: use a Openbox. Is a windows manager simple and stable to use

Bad question - suggestions is a matter of opinion, workflow and other personal preferences.

If you value stability then Xfce is the way to go - or a window manager based enviroment like LXDE, LXQt and Openbox.

As you have found KDE and Gnome is under heavily development and this greatly influcence overall stability.

Then I suggest you backup your data and reinstall the system.

Although anything is possible - I strongly suggest the above solution - unless you really need honing your troubleshooting skills using the terminal or you are the daring user ready to explore the unknown depths of the TTY


do not do this on your primary system

Experiment in virtualbox if you must

The command removes packages without other considerations than they match the query kde- - not even dependencies are taken into consideration - so a dangerous command in the wrong hands.

Consider yourself to be warned of the :dragon_face:

Preview a list of packages before you decide

pacman -Qsq kde- > ~/disaster.txt | kate ~/disaster.txt

pacman -Rdd $(pacman -Qsq kde-)

Backup all your important files and just do a fresh install of manjaro no need to customize anything but the wallpaper and icons later down the road you may want all the extra features


Best is always get yourself a new ISO and try the live-session if you like the UI. Else use our Try-before-Buy Service to test the UIs in a webbrowser


I don’t think I can handle a window manager.

remove all packages that you don’t need and run some terminal commands to clean things up a bit . search for terminal commands–>wiki.manjaro Pacman_Overview

Download all flavours of Manjaro and try them on a VM, use whichever suits you best. Or you can watch distro/DE reviews on YouTube.

  • KDE can be whatever you want it to be, powerful,customizable.

  • GNOME stays out of your way and has minimum customizations.

  • XFCE is for less resource usage and stability, which I hope will fit your use case.

GNOME is much worse than KDE if you mean minimal as in packages. If you mean minimum as in customization, GNOME is the least customizable DE. If you want minimal as in resource allocation, KDE is the best with xfce very closely behind.

If you just need rock solid stability and not tons of options MATE would be a great place, and Cinnamon has been my favorite and most stable experience, and it’s much more beautiful imo.



Already said, but just reinstall the OS with a fresh ISO, don’t “convert” your KDE install into another desktop, as you’re here to ask these questions it is obvious to me you lack the will to do research (there are discussion about that already, and it is higly discouraged to add another DE and change the DE) and explore things by yourself, something that will be required if you want to go that way.

Save your important files in a secure place, reinstall, import your important files. It will take 10 minutes (+ the time copying your files will take).

I personally advise you to try the DE’s, you might like Gnome, XFCE, LXQT, Pantheon and many more!!!

Don’t forget the community editions. Cinnamon isn’t particularly light but it’s extremely smooth and stable. It’s a great DE for anyone who’s used to windows

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In my opinion, OP has been given enough advice.

This topic is rather subjective and may lead to controversy if not looked after it in a timely manner.

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