I want to package a game, but don't know where to start

Heya, I am a big RTS games fan, and it all started with Dune II - The battle for Arrakis. I want to re-experience the game in the best way, but with a modern fluff to it. There is a game available called DuneLegacy, which I used in the past in the bad old Windows days. I “could” install it via Wine, I “could” install it via a Flatpak, but that would be… not as much fun as going the hard way and learn something.
Here is where the fun starts: The game is available as OSS, with the exception of legacy files which are needed to work. The game developers provide the source code and also guides for package it, and on top of it packages: For Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, Mac OS X and Windows. Well, no Arch. Bummer. Or isn’t it? Time to learn! But where to begin? Arch Wiki? Manjaro forums? Sourceforge? Heck, I even struggled with the right place within the Manjaro Forums to ask this silly question…
TLDR: Want to learn how to package my own Manjaro packages, any advice?

Why don’t you start from the Manjaro wiki? Create Manjaro Packages - Manjaro Linux

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exists aur dunelegacy-git :wink: src false…

EDIT: but now have a new name ? as opendune

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It’s a -git package, if it still works, it works.

If you want to package a piece of software for arch based distro, the first step is to write a PKGBUILD for it. Arch wiki has excellent instructions for this, and you can also get started easily by reading PKGBUILDs from AUR or manjaro gitlab.

In this case, two possible approaches: A) compile from source code. The git package mentioned by @papajoke uses this approach and it is usually the preferable option. B) Use Debian or rpm package as source, extract the binaries and repackage it to arch format. For example Google-Chrome package does this. You might need this approach if the source code is unavailable or if the package is too large to compile on your hardware (browsers are a prime example of this).

Once the PKGBUILD is ready, navigate to its directory and run makepkg -sric to build and install the package.