I want to merge empty disc with ext4 format disc

Hello, I am quite satisfied with manjaro. I installed manjaro on the SSD in my computer. I use it with Windows 10.I have divided the HDD into two.I store windows 10 backups on the NTFS format disc and backups in linux on the ext4 format disc. I want to shrink the NTFS format disc by about 100 gb and use it to expand the ext4 format disc. Is there any way to do this?

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Any changes to a ntfs partition is to be done on windows and windows environments ONLY

Shrink the partition in windows then reboot into a linux environment and use the unallocated space to expand the ext4 partition.

There are multiple tools on linux you can use to perform the expanding. One of the most known ones are gparted, but it can be done in almost any disk/partition manager.

The partitions need to be unmounted to be able to be resized.

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Your verbally presented request does not match with the picture, please provide output of

sudo fdisk -l

If there is already an unformatted empy space between the ntfs and the ext4 partition you only need to move the (unmounted!) ext4 partition to the left and then extend it. This could be done via the app GParted for example. These type of operations have a certain risk of failure, so better backup your data upfront.


Thank you very much. I never thought I could solve the problem so easily with Gparted.

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