I wanna an android emulator inside my manjaro

I was using Bluestacks on WIN10, but since i changed to manjaro i tried virtualbox, vmware and genymotion, and i probably did something wrong, and i didn’t find any tutorial up to date of how i can use these. If this information makes any change, i wanna emulate android to play games basically. I’m new to Manjaro. Thank you!

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There’s anbox in the AUR… :arrow_down:

pamac build anbox-git anbox-image

If you also want to install OpenGApps, then you need to substitute the anbox-image package by anbox-image-gapps. There are several other related packages as well. Check inside Pamac for details. :wink:

Note: This is software from the AUR, so it’s going to be downloaded as source code and compiled on your local system. Depending on your hardware, this may take a while. Be sure to let it finish.

Even i use anbox regularly it works pretty fine
yaa just remember let it load first, then it might appear to crash, so just click anbox once again it takes few seconds then it gets opened

remember that it wont be exactly same as bluestacks though some apps might not work , especially note that you wont have googleplaystore so you have to load apk from the web, also microphone and camera won’t work

so if you just want to use some app or game downloading a x86 based apk from websites like apkpure and others should be fine in most cases


So, installed just fine, but when i open say starting for about 1 minute, and then close itself, i already reboot the computer, reinstalled and still happening.


Please open a new thread in #support:aur for help with troubleshooting Anbox as your original query has been answered.

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