I used to be able to adjust brightness on my laptop but I no longer can

When I first installed Manjaro XFCE, I used to be able to control the brightness of my screen via Fn + F12 or Fn + F11
I also used the Fn key to control volume (Fn+F2 or Fn+F3)

For a couple of day, i’ve not been able to control brightness at all on my laptop.
This still appears on my screen when i press Fn + F11 or Fn + F12
But the bar won’t move and the brightness of my screen won’t change.
This started to occur after I forced my laptop to shut down by pressing long enough on the power button and restarting it (Although I had already done time several times without having any problems afterwards)

The volume control still works

I haven’t done any system update, only installed stuff via pamac or pacman

It depends on your GPU - so it could be a driver change - either xorg-xbacklight or acpilight needs to be available.

acpilight is probably the way to go.

I installed xorg-xbacklight but the command xbacklight gives out “No outputs have backlight property” (my screen is LCD i don’t know if that has anything to do with that)

I just installed acpilight but the command acpilight isn’t recognised(how do i use acpilight ? )

xbacklight -inc 10

/usr/bin/xbacklight: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness'

For acpilight to work - you need to restart your system

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Thank you for your help, xbacklight works perfecly fine now !

I’m still curious about why this still appears without me being able to control it, even thought it was possible for me to do it in the past.

Probably a change to the default power manager settings.

Open the Settings Manager → Power - Activate the Control display brightness (I don’t recall the exact name)