I updated my system and it broke it

I updated manjaro KDE and now I can not open apps and lots of my app arent showing up when i search for them and i cant find the add/delete software app. When i try open documents is asks choose application to open file even though it isn’t a file.

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I have the same problem. In the menu I don’t get any application

Did you already read the update-thread ?


Welcome to Manjaro! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  1. Please read the information behind this link. It will help you to post necessary information.
  1. Please press the three dots below your post and then press the :pencil2:
  • If you give us information about your system, we can see what we’re talking about and make better suggestions.
  • You can do this by using inxi in a terminal or in console.
sudo inxi --verbosity=8 --filter --width 
  • Personally identifiable information such as serial numbers and MAC addresses are filtered out by this command
  • Presenting the information in this way allows everyone to be familiar with the format and quickly find the items they need without missing anything.
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Have you already :mag: for your problem in the forum ? (Wisdom lies in asking → listening → reading :wink: )

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I cant find the terminal to open it when i search for it in the apps it says i have no apps but that’s not true. When i search for a browser for example chrome it comes up as a executable but some apps don’t show up when i search for them at all and i cant look for them in the documents because that won’t open either. Additionally when i do open chrome when I minimise it it isn’t on the taskbar my taskbar is empty.

Did you revert your theme back to the standard Breeze before you did the update? That is the most common mistake people have made.


Why would i need to change the theme and what can I do now?

Try creating a new (test) user. Do the problems still occur there?

Try finding and then reading the last announcement thread.

The subject has also been discussed here in many other posts already.


Can you give me the link

If I where to search I would find it and could then give you the link.
But why would I search when you can do that as well?
In short: no.

Where do I look for this in the forum

How do I do that?

Where is the update thread andreas

Categories → Announcements → Stable Updates

Show some initiative.

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Andreas should I post the entire output of that command most of it seems unrelated to my problem, and are you sure there is no identifiable info in it?

I don’t know what update caused this problem I just hit update all in the package manager then this happened

the solution in this thread worked for me:

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It doesn’t matter much now what caused it - you want to fix it. :wink:
It was likely caused by you not reading and heeding the advice.
I’ll step away from this thread now.

Thank you kind stranger, I can now open the apps however they still don’t show up on my taskbar

Please folllow the link



a) It happens again and again

that the actual problem is not recognized due to insufficient information because the user only reports incidental problems.

For example, when the partition is full, the most impossible side effects occur. If you look into the side effects, it happens that the thread needs 100 posts or more until the actual problem is identified. By then, more has often been destroyed than necessary.

So it’s always better to have enough information so that you can get a quick overview of the condition of the system.

b) Yes i am sure @Usr !

Inxi specifically hides such information when used with the specified parameters.



For a rolling release (like Manjaro), it is strongly recommended to read the update thread before each update.

Sometimes you have to carry out special tasks before or after the update to keep the system error-free. These are explained in detail.

For inexperienced users, it is also recommended not to be the first to install the update (but also not the last). A good time is often a day or two after the update is released. (And if something is really unclear, you can ask before something goes wrong)