I see two different git sources of daily Plasma development releases. What's the difference?


What’s the idea why to have 2 separate sources of Plasma development ISO images and both releases daily?

  1. Releases · manjaro-plasma/download · GitHub
  2. Releases · manjaro/plasma-daily · GitHub

What problem those 2 separate releases solves daily?
How a user can choose right one for them?


  1. is the official plasma release
  2. is the development version using kde-unstable branch
    well, actually is not using that repo anymore, but still, the packages are build from upstream git sources … and the system is more close to vanilla KDE Plasma.

If you are user and want a working system, you chose 1 or rather download the iso from manjaro site.
If you are kde developer or want to get involved with the latest commits on kde plasma stuff and want to report issues with the upcoming features of it, you chose 2.

  1. is using [kde-unstable] repo as shown here

That’s the points! How to mark both answers as solutions? :slight_smile:

And to group both answers together:

So, both are:
-) KDE Pasma;
-) unstable branch of updates;
-) daily (or close to that) builds;

(1) - untouched / pure unstable branch of updates (like officially for experienced users);
(2) - unstable branch of updates + KDE packages substituted by the once from kde-unstable repo and represents git versions of KDE packages for cutting edge KDE git updates (that’s why even more unstable) and mostly for developers or enthusiasts.

A bit more details on (2):


No. No daily builds in (1)
That is just a regular Manjaro with Unstable branch, to which Plasma and KDE packages are coming right from Arch in form of release versions.
The (2) contains extra repo with Plasma packages built from KDE’s git master (devs and testers stuff).

If to take the last 2 months from the 2021 10 14 0316 to the current 2021 12 13 0317 then there are 56 builds for these 61 days. Perhaps it fits into

-) daily (or close to that) builds;

Ah, you meant iso builds, I meant Plasma packages compile-n-build process. Lol, sorry :upside_down_face:

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