I removed kernel and after reboot grub is empty

Hi guys, by some strange play of the software I removed kernel (/boot is almost empty certainly no kernel there). Now when I rebooted GRUB offers only memtest.

I botted from live usb and went to chroot tried to use mhwd-kernel -i linux510 but it gives me error no targets specified.

Please help me to restore booting with a kernel on my notebook
Thank you

  • exit chroot
  • mount the installed system
    sudo mount /dev/sdXn /mnt
  • copy everything from life /boot to mounted /mnt/boot
    sudo cp -a /boot/* /mnt/boot
  • then chroot and try to install the kernel again, you should install the one which your live system is running
    pacman -S linuxXY
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I copied /boot from live usb to /boot at my hdd, went to manjaro-chroot run mhwd-kernel -i and got error:
can not reinstall existing kernel

Did I misunderstood you somewhere?

I probably forgot sth how I fixed this once… Will think again.

Can you try to install the kernel with pacman -S linuxNN?


Yes maestro, this was is pacman -S linux510 in chroot did it!
Thank you!

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