I Need To Run WhatsApp (not the web version) on My Machine

Greetings Everyone,

Please, is there a lightweight way to run android in Linux I need to get whatsapp to my PC
I have tried Anbox but it not even allowing me connect to gmail, And I also tried GenyMotion but My PC hangs cause it’s a 4gb RAM machine.


You can install whatsapp-for-linux from the AUR to run whatsapp as a desktop application:

pamac install whatsapp-for-linux

This is just wrapping the web version.


On a side note:

There is no official WhatsApp desktop client for Linux, and Meta has strictly attempted to ban third-party clients and plugins using their protocol.
WhatsApp - ArchWiki


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Would Waydroid be a option?

I would give some thought about trying to use whatsapp this way. It is not intended use so the supplier can cut you off whenever they feel like. If you could elaborate on the use case there might be more solutions for your situation then you might realize.

Practical: At what point do you get stuck, a hanging machine might be a issue that can be solved if you provide some basic info about the issue. see:


I have tried that, but I don’t have a phone, so I need a normal whatsApp not whatsapp web


I need an android emulator so I can run android apps like I am using an android phone and not a web versions of android apps (e.g. web.whatsapp.com). Like having a fresh start of apps.

Is Anbox or GenyMotion really that heavy on RAM?
I have never got around to trying either one.

thoughts/possibilities to mitigate that:

set up zram
I personally use zramswap

AUR (en) - zramswap

I also have a swap file - with “only” 4GB of RAM you hopefully have a swap file or a swap partition too.

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