I need this icon theme

what is the name of the icon theme shown in these screenshots?

there are two icon themes similar to these:
Vibrancy Colors, Moka and Default Linux Mint icons?(idk name of this icon theme :confused: ).

So, does anyone know this icon theme?
pls help me :weary:

I don’t know the name - it is usually found in control/settings panel of the system in question.

Then snag them from the live system - they are usually located in


Observe if there inheritance from a parent theme

Copy the folders onto a removable device and place them in your ~/.local/share/icons

You can convert symbolic links into regular files when using the terminal to copy.

unfortunately I can no longer download this old release of Kali linux

Then the only thing you can do is, ask for the icon theme name from the developers. Perhaps you can even get the URL for it from them…

Well, short of magic, that is.

Did you actually research before making such statement?

Yes, I didn’t find a link to the archive

Does that mean that you still have not found anything?

since I looked and found I may as well post:

Releases History | Kali Linux

i can no longer download old image!

Flat Remix Blue (Dark)

You can find it in their GitHub.

Here is a link to download a .tar.gz archive, which includes their icon theme, among other things.


Your screenshot might be showing a combination of Adwaita + Flat Remix Blue (Dark).

Archive of old releases:

Index of /kali-images/

Google is great! :grin:

I found it! its Vibrancy-Kali

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