I need help with Playing RDR2(Rockstar launcher issue)

i installed RDR2 through steam,and after launching it, it required me to install the Rockstar launcher.
I’m not sure how should i tackle this; it proposed c:\programfiles… as the directory.

i don’t want to use Wine.

i installed Lutris but not sure what the next steps are as the information i found online points to various solutions;some of them less officials.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a Windows game and uses Proton as a compatibility tool on GNU / Linux. It’s used for Steam Play based on Wine with additional components.

Just proceed with the Rockstar Launcher installation. It’s being installed in the game’s Proton prefix, not your system. When you uninstall the game, it will also be removed

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that was painless,
i made it to the game(haven’t tried playing yet).


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