I need help to install dvbcut-qt4

Hello folks!
I have a new ACER Aspire Swift 3 Notebook and found out, manjaro is running fine on it. Every keyboard special key and the touchpad works like it should.
on my other PC I used Ubuntu and therefore I am missing some software on manjaro, especially dvbcut. I found dvbcut-qt4 on aur but I don’t understand, how to install software from there. (means: I tried and did not succed)
Is there any step-by-step how-to?


Maybe try an alternative to dvbcut as that seems to be developed for QT3 and QT4, which are both EOL.

I don’t know any other software wich is able to cut *.mts-files from my receiver that easy.

I don’t know the file format (seems to be some Sony proprietary one), but you can try avidemux. It does a lot of formats and is really easy to use.

To accomplish this task, you should start getting familiar with AUR Helpers such as pamac (Manjaro’s preferred) or yay. You will find some guidelines on their usage in the links below:

it’s probably not worth the effort
one of the candidates was flagged out of date more than five years ago and the other was last updated seven years ago