I need help to install a package

Hi i need help to install this, im perty much a newbe if i mange to install adobe connect im gonna stay linux user for life.

The directions are on the page, and apparently they provide binaries, so you dont even need to compile it.
(I took a quick peak and it seems to provide install and run scripts)
Really … just download, unpack, mark executable, and run the install.
EDIT-oh there are actually extra steps because of proprietary/copyright stuff.
And that it relies on the very-long-dead flashplayer. Nonetheless here you go:

curl -L -O https://github.com/mahancoder/Adobe-Connect-Linux/releases/download/beta-0.9/beta-0.9.tar.gz
ex beta-0.9.tar.gz

And here you need to get and add the flash files yourself, as noted in the instructions it cannot be provided directly. You will also apparently need to unlock it? Thats what it says anyways.

GitHub - mahancoder/Adobe-Connect-Linux: Unofficial Linux client for the Adobe Connect meeting application

Once you have done that you can do the install thing:

cd Release
chmod +x install.sh
sudo ./install.sh
cd ~

(afterwards you can probably remove the original tarball and directory:)

rm -rf Release beta-0.9.tar.gz

so thank you for responding i done everything but it dosen’t lunch i could not find any way to solve it and i did with the new update of this github page but that didint help well i guess it’s time to say goodbay to linux but i enjoy the week i had with it.

Hi, original developer speaking.
For anyone else who wants to use this project, the mentioned issue is solved.
(Make sure to read the updated README for the new instructions)
If there was any other problem, feel free to report the issue on the Github page.