I need help for building an iso of manjaro

I’m new to manjaro and linux in general,
I somewhat know how to use debian but i saw that manjaro is user friendly and easy to use so Im trying it I dont like desktop environments like gnome, xfc but i do like pantheon and I saw this github for manjaro iso build but I don’t know what to do since tutorial is not that clear

github page:GitHub - awcrotwell/elemanjaro

thanks for any help

Have you read this:

im not sure how do I build the iso with pantheon de
the tutorial you send me is to build an iso but I dont know how to ge pantheon on it

There is much more - much, much more - to it.

The topic linked is only scratching the surface - you will have to dig deeper.

is there tutorial on it
I only want to have an manjaro iso with pantheon

No - there is no tutorial on installing pantheon desktop.

Follow the links in the link to learn how to customize the build process.

There is no free meal as in someone cooking for you - pull up your sleeves’n get cooking.

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I really appreciate the help but im total noob if the instructions just say install panthein-sesssion without the command to install i dont know how

the idea for making it my self sounds good I would do it 100% but I still dont know how

Roll up your sleeves and get to work

What is wrong with learning? Study and work is the only way of getting beyond rookie.

Start with gathering information - start with below links - you are required to study as if this is a highschool project.

The forum search engine is great for that

Learn to install manually before building iso

buildiso related stuff


External site with a lot of documents


On Manjaro Downloads you find this question and answer

Is manjaro better than other distros?

Manjaro is not superior or inferior to any other Linux distribution, they all do the same. Manjaro has its own repositories, package manager, themes, software and custom Kernels.

Creating a customized Manjaro ISO is hard work - there is no shortcuts - there is no free meals - there is noone who will cook the ISO for you.

  1. In the iso-profiles repo manjaro/gnome folder you find the Gnome cookbook
  2. Search the repo for pantheon related packages.
  3. Use the Arch wiki for Pantheon
  4. Download a minimal Manjaro Gnome and create a VirtualBox VM
  5. Download the elementary ISO and create a VirtualBox VM
  6. Spin up the Gnome virtual machine
  7. Spin up the Elementary desktop - then take it apart to see why it works the way it does.
  8. In your Gnome VM sync the packages required to have a basic Pantheon desktop
  9. Make notes - lots of notes - learn from your mistakes
  10. Be prepared to do a lot of testing and experimenting

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