I need help converting Truecrypt volumes to Veracrypt

With the last update I was surprised by Veracrypt dropping support for Truecrypt volumes (as someone who doesn’t follow the details of updates on the forum - unless I have to!). I gather from the documentation that converting TC volumes to VC is not difficult, all you need to do is do a simple operation, such as changing the password, using the older version of VC, version 1.25.9.

The stumbling block I have is I don’t know how to install the older version of VC using the tar.bz2 file. I can uncompress the file to get some other files… but then what do I do? There is no readme.txt file. I guess I need to uninstall the current version of VC first(?), and then what?

Thanks for reading.

Hello @Standard_Mixture
Try downgrading VC to the previous version.

This guide will help you:

Note, that downgrading packages should always be a temporary solution only.

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Thank you for the helpful reply, raguse.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a snag in the process. After downgrading and changing the password of one volume I was able to open it as a Veracrypt volume using the downgraded version, but the current version would not open it. I did do a reboot.

Also, the converted volume now takes maybe 12 seconds to open instead of about 1.

What gives, Veracrypt?!

So it seems that I am going to have to do this the hard way and get a new hard drive to transfer the data to.

Have you checked if the previous (from truecrypt volume) encryption algorithm respectively hash algorithm is still supported? Some hash algorithm have been dropped with the new version.

Complete removal of RIPEMD160 and GOST89 algorithms. Legacy volumes using any of them cannot be mounted by VeraCrypt anymore.

That also depends on the chosen hash algorithm. Some require more time to open the container than others. Per default autodetection is used and that takes some more time because it tests through available methods.


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Okay the volume might be using ripemd-60 :confused:

That means I need to transfer to a new container to use the new software, right?

I guess I’m using the old version for now.

Yes it looks like that.

Is it a smaller VC file or a device (volume) with lots of data?

What you can do is once the container is selected or mounted go to ‘Volume Tools’ and choose ‘Set Header Key Derivation Algorithm’ and change it to New PKCS-5 PRF: HMAC-SHA-512 or anything in the list you prefer.

!!! Use this at your own risk and create a backup of your data before proceeding. You can try first with a 100 MB test container. !!! In my test I was able to change from SHA-512 to Whirlpool without data loss. It might take a while to convert if the container/volume is big size.

See here about it: User manual VeraCrypt 1.19 (English - 169 pages)

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If you don’t have the ability to go back in time via booting a snapshot from before the change
use any Debian/Ubuntu/Mint temporary installation or live environment
They will not (not yet) have the new and problematic version - and you can do the conversion through those.

Very interesting, thank you!

Yes, they are large volumes unfortunately.

I’ll have to do some testing.

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