I just wanted to know about gnome 40

I am a very big fan of gnome 40 and recently i got to know that Gnome 40 shell is now available in the testing branch. I just wanted to how much time it will require for it to get ported in the stable branch.

Thanks in advance for your kind cooperation and help.

my crystal ball tells me next year. lol

it’s ready when it’s ready, etc…

still can you tell how much time at least approx . I really want to try gnome 40. I know gnome 40 has been realesed in fedora but I dont want to leave manjaro as it is best os i have ever used.

they have testing, you can play with it now.

Alright but i am afraid that testing branch might break my system and i have very important documents which are about 450 gb and i have nothing else to backup it. That’s why i was asking how much time it would require for it reach the stable branch

you should always backup your important stuff no matter what. always keep a copy on something other than your running pc.

just wait it out if you have a perfectly working install, trust me gnome 40 is not all that exciting, still a lot of bugs to work out.

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Thanks @kerry_s

Probably not. Maybe a week or two.

Just switch your update branch & upgrade from your current Gnome setup. Currently, already very stable using either wayland & x11.

See here … https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php?title=Switching_Branches

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No thanks i will wait till it is ported to stable branch

Just because it gets released to stable branch does not mean that it actually will be stable on YOUR system. Unstable and testing branches have far fewer users (testers) and not all of those are Gnome. It is a very small sample size. I would take @kerry_s advice and backup your data. Storage is inexpensive nowadays.

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As you will.

Remember, stable is relative … as @jrichard326 pointed out to you. Just in case your unaware … even Ubuntu typically pulls from a Debian Testing (LTS) or Unstable (periodic releases) snapshot.

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Wow thanks i didn’t know that .Thank you

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like i said, invest in an external backup.
i’ve used linux for years & it can be unpredictable at times.

i’m using a rpi400 booted by a usb ssd, so i use the sd card slot for my backup. i currently have a 16gb sd card in there, but i have larger sd’s & usb’s, depending on what i want to backup.

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Indeed, same here. I temporarily switched to the testing branch for Gnome 40, because I could not wait. It went fine. Updated all my extensions to shell 40 turned them off and updated my machine. Had to reinstall some extensions to make them work. Further no problems… and Gnome 40 :wink:

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Yep, it’s all working well. :+1: