I just switched from AMD to NVIDIA graphics card and now everything is huge on desktop

I have an 42inch 4K display and for a moment I thaugt it is being run at 1920x1080 but turns out it wasn’t.

All applications content is correct size, but the Desktop Icons and menu bars are HUMONGUS now.

How does the grpahics driver influence how the content is drawn?!?!?

Anyway, how can I change it? Scaling in display settings is at 100%

Sounds actually like your drivers are broken so you are getting generic display (like 800px)
Start here:
How to provide good information

No, the resolution is 4K. But the menu bars and desktop icons have suddenly some scaling. He maybe thinks I have a small 4k monitor. But why only now after installing (nonfree) NVIDIA drivers?

OK … but the best way to provide information, and receive help, is to follow the instructions above.
If you fail to do that I will probably not be able to assist you.

Thanks, I’ll check later. I added a screenshot to the first post. Have to finish some work now. Just so much wasted space :sweat_smile:

I am using a Nvidia card on my main desktop running Ubuntu and I realized that some of the video drivers are doing weird things…

Not sure how exactly it is in Manjaro (as I use it on my amd laptop) but if there are several proprietary drivers available for your card, maybe just try a few of them and see if it fixes your issues.

I have alot of weird glitches on my desktop depending on which driver I use. 390 seems to play nicest with my everyday use, but I can’t start any games :cry:

On 470 drivers my Firefox is extemely sluggish as it litters all my video memory (it’s an old card but still has 2GB of Vram…) and I cannot play games and have Firefox open at the same time :grimacing:

I am so glad once I can get rid of Nvidia and get myself an amd card… A girl can dream - ok?

Haha, yeah at home AMD all day :slight_smile: But I’m stuck with I get here at work.

Weird behavior is one thing, but a driver really should not decide if some gui elements are to be drawn bigger…

I assume some KDE mechansim kicking in trying to help me to have not too small elements on a 4K “small” monitor. But my monitor is big enough to not need it. Wonder why it only kicks in for NVIDIA cards though…

I am convinced that Nvidia drivers are litteraly cursed - who knows what kind of black magic, sorry “features”, Nvidia put into their drivers.

Since graphcis drivers are what ultimately decides what gets drawn onto the screen - I don’t think it’s too unrealistic.

I found the solution:

Under System Settings > Appearance > Fonts
If I enable “Force font DPI 96” all is normal again.

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