I installed Xampp 8.0.0 but when i run it by /opt/lampp/lampp start, it did't run, why?

I installed xampp by using those command
chmod +x xampp-linux-version-installer.run **
** ./xampp-linux-version-installer.run

but after input sudo /opt/lampp/lampp start in termial, didn’t start xampp,
shows that sudo: /opt/lampp/lampp: command not found.

Pls kindly help me out to solve this problem.

Please paste terminal output and use the Preformatted text </> button instead of posting screenshots.

As can be seen in your screenshot, /opt/lampp/lampp doesn’t exist. Using sudo won’t change that and shouldn’t be used here. It appears that /opt/lampp/xampp should be run instead.

FYI, xampp is available in the AUR. However, since you used the .run installer, you’ll have to remove the files it installed first.

Many many thanks for your kind help and information. I try to paste terminal output . Thanks