I installed Google Chrome was that a mistake?

Well, after all of this , i switched to FF


Why is there not an open source deb converter?
I think Fedora has this.

Okay… i understand now. How to Install .Deb - #7 by Fabby

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Where is your problem ?
For every software you’ll have a conf file in your /home and in this file, specifics like settings or passwords, or history will be stored.
When I installed Manjaro over Xubuntu, I kept Firefox & Thunderbird and they where connected to my accounts at first start…

What is very funny in this thread is to see somebody whining about Chrome while having a Google account :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Typical PICNIC


The only reason I have a Google Account is due to watching YouTube and of course my Phone.

The OP can check out Chromium and use that.

I don’t have a Goo account to watch Youtube. What do I miss ?
(I don’t have an androïd either and am waiting to get a Pinephone :slight_smile: )

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I have Subscriptions to multiple Channels and to Like or Dislike Videos.

FF is better in term of privacy, but still, you will have to have your own user.js (look it up if you don’t know what it’s about / for). There’s rumor that Mozilla will not support this in the future, so even Mozilla will turn its back on superusers.

Anyway, Chrome or FF or whatever, I can only have peace of mind when I’m able to monitor apps and see all the sites/ports that it’s connecting to. I am able to do this on macOS with Little Snitch’s Network Monitoring. I tried to install jnettop but it’s not working for me.