How to Install .Deb

How to install .deb packages with Eddy? Or another program.

using debtap:
$ yay -S debtap
$ sudo debtap -u

Convert DEB Packages Into Arch Linux Packages Using Debtap
$ debtap packagename.deb

insall package in system:
$ sudo pacman -U package-name

EDIT: I need to mention that don’t install deb package. If Arch package isn’t there, try building from source. I have only used debtap once when I couldn’t build from source code for whatever reason. And there was a deb release.
use debtap only if there’s no other way.


Hi, dpkg and apt can be installed since the first one does not resolve dependencies , but why install debs :man_shrugging: if you can use the official repositories packages or use the AUR, also Snap and Flatpak all very easily using Pamac. You can also use debtap as commented @pulsar

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Don’t install deb packages - you will get problems - in the form of pacman file conflicts - sooner or later.

Always use the system package manager - as changes, files and dependencies are registered and resolved.

Installing a package the way you intend will cause problems and issues later on - so spare yourself of the trouble - and don’t do it.


Hi, this has been asked before, Manjaro being Arch-based is not related to Debian/Ubuntu etc, it’s better to follow @Fabby ‘s advice in general, /edit: @linux-aarhus’ above too -posted the same minute- :slight_smile:


You don’t.


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P.P.S. Yes, we’re serious: Never install .deb packages on Manjaro
It’s like installing a Lada engine in a Ferrari: you’re going to blow up the engine and crash the entire car!

Guys, deptab converts .deb-packages to pacman managed packages. It’s not fundamentally different from what google-chrome PKGBUILD in AUR does. There are legit use cases for converting debian packages to arch packages. Sometimes vendor provides binaries only as debian/rpm packages, sometimes license prevents compiling the package from source etc.

I think @pulsar provided the correct answer: Use deptab, but only if there is no other way.

In general, the order of operations should be:

  1. Check if packages is in repos
  2. Check if package is in AUR
  3. Check if package is available as flatpak
  4. Check if package is available as snap
  5. Check if the source code is available. If yes, write a PKGBUILD and install it with pacman
  6. Convert package from debian/rpm package. Either with PKGBUILD or with deptab/rpmextract.

Yes, you are correct. But for someone’s very first question on the site, the safest answer is: don’t do it! as t’ll lead them to dependency hell later on.

Normally I ask people “What are you trying to accomplish because there are alternatives”, but I forgot this time.

So @lifelube What are you trying to do exactly because there are much better alternatives out there to installing a .deb


Sure, but I agreee with Fabby

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So yeah it is technically possible (that’s what many AUR package actually do, decompress the .deb file and then manage the content with scripts), but as a rule of thumb, you don’t install .deb on Manjaro. It is more rare that not that package are only available as .deb files. And someone who asks this specific question is surely someone not to lead to the path of installing .deb on Manjaro in my opinion.

It is still valuable information that we all ignored when replying, so it still ads value to the thread, but yeah, really shouldn’t install .deb files if you don’t have some technical knowledge already (knowledge that would make you not ask this question in the first place).

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