I installed Gnome 20.2.1 minimal but lsb-release shows 21.0

I have installed Manjaro Gnome 20.2.1 minimal…after installing that, I updated the system…
then I go to Gnome-control-panel ‘About’ option… The OS Name says,“Manjaro Linux; Build ID: rolling”
then I go to terminal and write “cat /etc/lsb-release”. The release shows ‘21.0’ and codename shows ‘ORNARA’… but ornara is still in development… I downloaded stable version of Manjaro but why I’m being showed development version???

I’m afraid you misunderstand. :wink:

21.0 Ornara is in and of itself not a development version. The live/install image is still in beta, which means that it’s still not final what software will be included by default on the install medium, but the operating system itself is stable, and by updating your system after installing, you are now indeed running 21.0 Ornara.

The release of the install images ─ which in a rolling-release distribution are merely to be seen as momentary snapshots ─ always lags behind the stabilization of the software itself, and ─ again ─ this purely has to do with the decision on what software to include in the snapshot, as well as what settings to choose as the default.


Tnx for ur reply!!! I was just freaking out!

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I’ve installed Gnome as u know earlier… after using my laptop for about 1.5-2.5 hours, my laptop freezes…
theres nothing I can do for it… everything freezes… even mouse cursor…keyboard doesn’t work for that tym… I had to hard shut down everytime… Someone told me to switch to gnome on xorg!!! What should I do now???

Well, that’s a separate issue. Better start a new thread about that, so that the subject matter experts can pitch in. Myself, I use neither GNOME nor Wayland ─ I’m a KDE Plasma user ─ so I cannot help you with that problem. :man_shrugging:

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