I have two questions about the new Pacnew files

in mkinitcpio,these are my hooks:

HOOKS="base udev autodetect modconf block keyboard keymap consolefont resume filesystems fsck"

and these are the “new” ones:

HOOKS=(base udev autodetect microcode modconf kms keyboard keymap consolefont block filesystems fsck)

should i add the microcode one?

and regarding the kde.pacnew can i just copy paste the entire thing to the KDE file?



auth            include         system-login

account         include         system-login

password        include         system-login

session         include         system-login



auth       include                     system-local-login

account    include                     system-local-login

password   include                     system-local-login

session    include                     system-local-login

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Yes and yes.


from the arch wiki:
The use of this hook replaces the now deprecated --microcode flag, and the microcode option in the preset files. This also allows you to drop the microcode initrd lines from your boot configuration as they are now packed together with the main initramfs image.

any idea how to “drop the microcode initrd lines from my boot configuration”?

Remove it from kernel presets in /etc/mkinitcpio.d/.

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Allows doesn’t sound promising as recommend to me :wink:

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Yes, but also change the quotation marks into brackets. This represents the new syntax even if the old one is still working.


thanks for the reminder.

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