I have trouble searching AUR for program 'fldigi'

Ive just installed Manjaro on this ancient iMac. With 2 Gig of ram I have had a pleasant experience … connecting to the net, reading email etc. Now I want to install ‘fldigi’ and its related programs … for amateur radio. I’ve attempted to search the AUR and it tells me that fldigi is not available. Is there another amateur radio user who can advise me where to download the program?? I believe I have set up the AUR correctly. Maybe I need to use another helper (? yay?) to use the AUR without a problem? Richard

Would mind telling us how you searched AUR . It is in the AUR.
If you tried to search using pamac(Add / Remove Software) then you need to enable AUR in preferences in order to pamac to show applications from AUR.Even if you have enabled it pamac will not search in AUR.
imageYou will have to click AUR in order to search AUR. If you think this is some nonsense you can find out why it is like this here Responsible use of AUR

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Many thanks to those who replied. I had NOT enabled AUR …when I followed the directions and refreshed the repositories … there it was. Sorry for the bandwidth!! Now to find some more ram. 2 gig is NOT enough! Richard

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It seems odd that the ‘All’ option does not include AUR in search results, even when AUR is enabled, which makes it an ‘Almost All’ option.

if you use yay -Syu it auto-magically searches the AUR…like a combination pacman & yaourt…

By this i meant All not searching AUR

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