I have decent internet but i'm still lagging while playing online/How to check for packet loss

This is my speedtest using Wifi

How am i supposed to check if my game functions optimally regarding packet loss or whatever it is that causes lag spikes ?

For me your WiFi download and upload speed is already good for gaming.

It’s probably an issue between your home gateway to the game server.

You need to know your game server domain name or IP address and run ping DOMAIN_NAME.

If you expect the packet time is in at least 1 digit of second, I consider that as a potential lagging.

But then, if the packet route time between your place and the game server is already fast, it’s probably the game server itself that is either overloaded or doesn’t manage to load balance itself properly.

Other than internet speed though, you also need to check if your GPU is strong enough to handle the game graphics. GPU, the hardware with the driver, can also cause lagging if the game graphics demand is too high for your GPU to handle.

:point_up: Also applies to the CPU, actually.

Ah yes, I forgot about the CPU.

To sum up troubleshooting for potential gaming lagging:

  • Check if CPU and GPU are strong enough to handle your gaming.
  • Check your display monitor to see if the refresh rate is high enough and it’s properly synced with the GPU.
  • Check your internet connection.

You can post the output of inxi -Fazy here to provide your system information.