I have a Question about Setting up Dual Boot

OK so here is my Problem,
Pc Specs (In case that it is important):

1 Old Samsung 120 Gb SSD (would be my main Windows Partition Drive | NTFS)
2 Western Digital Hard Drives 5k Rpm Hard Drives 500 Gb(NTFS)
1 Western Digital Server NAS with 7200 Rpm 4 TB(ext4)
1 Samsung Evo 970 m.2 SSD 500Gb (ext4)

MSI b450 Motherboard
16gb of Ram (Corsair Vengance)
AMD RX 5700xt
Ryzen 7 2700x
500 Watt power Supply

Manjaro Linux
KDE, Plasma
Kernel 5.7 is running, 4.19, 5.4, and 5.9 are Installed

Problems / Questions:
I don’t want to get a Windows Vm, but the actual system as a Dual boot on my pc I am Running Manjaro Right now.
I have 2 Drives for Manjaro Formatted to Ext4 and 3 Drives, that are empty, formatted to NTFS, would it be possible to install Windows on one of those and use Windows with those Drives?

If so would Windows potentially still screw up my M.2 SSD? That is formatted to ext4 (or my other Linux Drive)?

Would I be able to transfer Data from a Linux Drive to A Windows Drive, With Windows detecting it (because of the whole NTFS Ext4 Thing)

How am I able to choose which system I boot into then?

And now a general question out of interest for the Installation of Windows: I have a Laptop, that is Running Windows, can I somehow clone the System and with that be able to skip buying a Windows Licence? Or do I need to buy an individual Licence?

Help for all of the question or even just one is greatly appreciated :smile:

First hello :smiley:
Lets go one by one. You have Manjaro installed on your 970 Evo?

This kernel is end of life, support will end soon, better switch to another kernel and remove 5.7

Yes, why not.

Probably not directly, but you should better not share your EFI partitions, create a separate EFI partition for your Linux systems.

Yes, but you need to properly mount a ntfs partition if you want to use it for both systems, and it’s absolutely essential always to fully shutdown Windoze, don’t use Fastboot or any other hibernate features if you want to avoid corrupt shared file systems.

If all systems are installed in the same boot mode and all disks are the partition mode, i.e. UEFI/gpt vs BIOS/mbr you should be able to boot all OS from grub’s boot menu. The disk with Manjaro’s EFI must be the one to boot from your firmware.