I have a problem with GPT on BIOS

Hi everyon,I’m newbie here.
I want to install Manjaro to my old computer,it has no uefi but only BIOS.Manjaro said it could let me use GPT on BIOS,just need a 8M partiton unformatted marks as bios_grub.
I wonder how should I do to use GPT and operate in this way,
Shall I need to creat a boot partition,and where to install the boot(is it /dev/sda,or just /)?

Hi @Masetti :wink:

It is good to have this on GPT:

/dev/sda1 → bios_grub 8MB
/dev/sda2 → /boot 1GB
/dev/sda3 → / 30GB
/dev/sda4 → /home <100GB
/dev/sda5 → swap 1.5*RAM (or a swapfile instead on / )

A boot partition is a good way to go on BIOS, since it have to flagged with boot, otherwise you will have to flag / with boot.

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Sorry,it doesn’t work.But thanks.

When I launch my old computer ,it always says “UUID=xxxxxxxxx…not found……”,and it just appeared with Manjaro or Arch,I have installed Debian and Ubuntu successfuly.haha,maybe my old PC got its time to retire.

That just means that the UUID in /etc/fstab does not match the actual UUID in sudo blkid. You will need to fix that in /etc/fstab. :wink:

Happy New Year!Hahah.
I am Chinese.It is believed that Spring Festival will bring good lucky to us.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I have solved problems,that’s so exciting.:grin:
The partitions just like this:
/dev/sda1 vfat 8Mb bios_grub
/dev/sda2 linuxswap
/dev/sda3 ext4 /
/dev/sda4 ext4 /home

after installing,use the livesys chroot,
then change /etc/default/grub,
delete the “#” before GRUB_DISABLE_LINUX_UUID=true,
and update-grub,
so do I boot my manjaro successfully.

Always thank you for your suggestions.:relieved::relieved::+1:t2:

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