I have a fake update [Solved]

Hello, since a few days ago, at the bottom right of the screen next to the clock an indicator appears that I have updates, I click on it and it says that I have an update, but whether or not I go to updates in pamac, as if I make
sudo pacman -Syyu in the terminal the answer is the same, there are no updates and no matter how much I restart the computer, the same thing keeps happening

Do you have AUR Flatpak or anything else enabled in pamac-manager?

If i have.

Try to disable it and test again. Try to narrow down which one of the repositories causes it.

I have deactivated the option of snap and the one to look for updates of pamac, the one of Aur no longer is. And it keeps saying there is an update, but there isn’t. But when I look at the pamac preferences again, the option to check for updates is activated again and if I deactivate it it is activated again.

I have tried uninstalling pamac
sudo pacman -Rsn pamac
to reinstall it, but I get an error
error: package not found: pamac
But if I try to install it
sudo pacman -S pamac
So if it finds the package and allows me to reinstall it.
I have done it but the problem has not been solved.
I have deleted the pamac configuration folder and when I run pamac again if the Aur tab appears in the pamac configuration, I deactivate the Aur and Snap options and the option to search for updates, but when I exit pamac and run it again it is activated again the option to check for updates and the problem remains unsolved.

I also have problem with pamac, pamac-manager to be more specific :confused: Where is pamax configuration folder you deleted?

Where are all the configuration folders inside the hidden config folder that is inside the home folder.

The config files in your home folder ~/.config/pamac/ contain some user settings, the windows size and if you use software mode. if you want to see/edit the pamac config, try /etc/pamac.conf

Just curious: Are you sure it is the pamac tray icon that signals there is a update?

pacman -Rsn pamac does not do a reinstall, it removes pamac, its depencies and does not make a .pacsave copy of its config file if I read the wiki correctly.

What is the output of:
$ pamac list --installed | grep pamac
$ pacman -Q | grep pamac
$ pacman-mirrors

There is a new update for pamac, now I have version 10.0.4-2 and it seems that the problem has been solved. Thanks everyone for your help.