I get the following message: "Failed to generate information for python-pyglet" every time I try to install something, preventing me from doing so

I couldn’t find any solution anywhere, so I’m making my own post.

(I apologize in advance for any mistake in my wording, but 1: my linux is set in italian and 2: I haven’t set it up myself, my former partner did, and I’m no longer in contact with them. Please let me know whatever additional info I may add)

Basically, a few weeks ago I did the usual update of everything, and since then I haven’t been able to install a single software, because I get the following message: “Transfer set-up failed: Failed to generate information for python-pyglet” (Translated from “Predisposizione del trasferimento non riuscita: Impossibile generare informazioni per python-pyglet”). It can update pre-existing softwares just fine, but not install new ones.

OS: Manjaro Linux 64-bit
Distributor. Arch Linux
Xfce: 4.18
GTK: 3.24.37
Kernel: 6.3.5-2-MANJARO

Thanks to anyone who is willing to help

python-pyglet is not in Manjaro repos and it’s not used for anything. You (or your former partner) must have installed at some point. You could try to remove it and see what it removes along it:

sudo pacman -Rcns python-pyglet

This will show a list of packages to be removed. If you don’t see anything that you need, you are good to go and remove them. If you see some software you need or you are unsure, you can ask again here.

If you have some urgent necessity to install some package from the Manjaro repos, you can use pacman for that. If you need to install something new from AUR (with pamac or the graphical tool), you are going to need to solve this first.

Notice that pacman and pamac are two different tools.

Thank you for your answer. The list showed only one package that could be removed, but unfortunately even after removal the problem persists. Is there anything else I could try?

The same problem?

What package?

Are you sure the removal was successful?

Yes that same problem

Sorry, in the rush I forgot to copypaste the name of the package, however in the name python-pyglet was included with a long series of numbers.
If I prompt the same command it says no package is found, so I believe the removal was succesful?