I Found My GUFW turned off , and I am sure i turned it on, is this something weird?

I Found My GUFW turned off , and I am sure i turned it on, is this something weird ?

Because i am at a Hotel for the moment

This may help, all the best:

sudo ufw enable

and then:

sudo systemctl enable ufw

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And to make it even better, it works for me (stable branch, Cinnamon):

install “firejail” from the repo, reboot and via terminal: sudo firecfg

I have read that it may not work for Deepin DE. It is a great security enhancement.


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Thank u

I will try that
i think it went back when an other member switched me from stable to testing

with command line

many thanks

Witch one

Just “firejail”, I don’t use the wizard personally.

Don’t forget to reboot and to perform the following steps. If you open a terminal and type in after the install “firejail firefox”, your browser will be sandboxed only. The command “firecfg” integrates the whole desktop.

so how to install it ?

just use pacman -Ss ?

thank u

Either click on install to the right or run sudo pacman -Syyu firejail

ok Thanks

but when i run it nothing shows up

I guess it is installed now, you can run it by just typing firejail but I don’t know what firefail will do then because I never used it :smiley:

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your very funny made me laugh

good job
i needed that :smile:

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If installed you should just open a terminal and type in “sudo firecfg”.
You are ready. There will nothing magical happen instead of that most of your apps are running in a sandbox. You are more secure.
Google “firejail wiki manjaro”, enjoy.

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