I forgot what kind of iso/image i need

it’s been quit some time since i installed Manjaro;
i understand that to reinstall, i need a a disc image,but what about a recovery USB to Chroot and so on?
does an iso on a stick suffice?

and how come an ISO alone is enough for Virtualization software?

All Manjaro install images have a built-in live mode for system repair ─ or just to test Manjaro without installing anything, for the hesitant newbies.

Because you can use the .iso to boot the virtual machine from as if it were a CD/DVD drive, maybe? Your question isn’t very clear. :man_shrugging:

to reinstall, i need to “burn” an image with a software(Etcher etc.) or a (dd)command line to the usb stick.
what about just doing Recovery stuff; is dragging the ISO to the USB enough or do i have to also “burn”?

You have to “burn” it.



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