I forgot how I set up SMB 2 years ago

As my nas got too old and I only had SMB v1 I followed a standard install of samba with the intention of later adding the nas through USB and share it with the modern SMB V3.

I remember from the instao ll that I could add 5 users that were not linux users.
I think it had a web-based GUI, but that may not be it.
I shared a test-folder and that still works. But the time has now come to set the USB connctions up and share them from there with kodi etc.
I used ftp to kodi for these years but I want to go back to smb because it makes file-management easier , is safer etc.

I have gon through settings and command histories, browser-histories of localhost etc. but I cannot figure out which app I used to set up the smb accounts. Was it web-based? I did just use manjaro standard-functionality. I run plasma, but I do not think that was important for this part.


Thanks, but i am hoping someone will point me to what I used to set it up. If I figure that out I may be able to simply start the same gui or use the same web-based-setup and make small changes.

The fastest and easiest method is to - as root - use smbpasswd on the system running the server.

# smbpasswd -a $USERNAME

I don’t recall any GUI or any web based admin which works on an Arch based system.

I remember webmin but it doesn’t work on Manjaro as I recall - that may have changed however.

Thanks for your help and time. But I really would like to know how I set it up, so I can add the resources (usb-hds ) as shares and maybe add or change users. I am hoping someone will recognize the clues of the 5 accounts outside of linux (i.e. its own system) and the easy setup. .

All NAS systems has their own web interface.

Just navigate to the systems IP address in a browser - login and do what you have to do.

As for how to setup your specific hardware - I have no idea - the link I gave you includes how you setup some basic samba on Manjaro either client or server.

I appreciate you attemp to help, but I blocked samba-support on the nas because it only supports SMBV1 and I intend to disconnect it from ethernet and attach it as a USB-HD to my manjaro mediacentre.

With flashbrowser I can still operate the nas, but I do not want to keep it connected to the LAN. Just USB-and manjaro as a mediacentre/fileserver.

In the above link is a description on how to setup a simple Manjaro SMB file server.