I force shutdown while computer was restarting, after an update

I hard rest after pacman update while it was restarting since it took like more than 40s to shutdown resulting in more of the /usr/lib files being broken and a lot of system links are broken, etc.

so I got my handy manjaro live USB, and I used manjaro-chroot to try to fix it, but nothing, I even reinstalled all the packages I’ve installed.

I tried to boot back into manjaro, it forced me to run a fsck on it, which deleted a lot of very important system files, and now even with manjaro-chroot I can’t do anything with pacman
it is barely working, and upon running pacman -Qk I am presented with a lot of missing files, and if I run pacman -Qkk LITERALLY EVERY PACKAGE has this

warning: pacakage name: /usr (UID mismatch)
warning: pacakage name: /usr (GID mismatch)
warning: pacakage name: /usr/share (UID mismatch)
warning: pacakage name: /usr/share (GID mismatch)

sorry for bad formatting.

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You’re not the first to make that mistake, and you won’t be the last. Alas, there is very little we can do about out users’ lack of patience.

And by the way, there are much safer ways to force a reboot than hitting the reset button…

Considering that…

  • your filesystem is damaged;
  • you are missing essential system libraries; and…
  • your permissions have been left in a state of disarray

… I would recommend that you use your live USB in order to to try and salvage your personal data, and that you would then reinstall the system, whereby you completely reformat your root filesystem.

I’m afraid that the damage to your system is too extensive for anyone to try troubleshooting in your system current condition . :sob:


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