I downgraded freetype package and now I can't boot

Hello, I had to downgrade the package freetype from version 2.13 to version 2.10. I did this because I wanted to use Mathematica 10 and it wasn’t loading because of this.
That was simple, but then many other programs were not working. When the laptop went to hibernation I couldn’t boot again. Reboot doesn’t allow me to get into the prompt.

I’d like to upgrade the package but I can’t log into a terminal. Any ideas? I’d like to log in to the terminal maybe using some option in the grub, but I don’t know how to do that.

Also, can I use manjaro in a live USB to update the package installed on my hard drive?
Thank you

You need to rebuild mathematica on the newer libraries, not downgrade packages.

You made a backup, right? :wink:

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