I don't understand how manjaro community editions works

I want a a window tiling manager like I3, the but I’m don’t understand well the community editions.

What’s the difference exactly is it the updates late or the instability or the packages old?
And is there any downsides?

If someone can help, I’ll be grateful.

I can’t speak to all the community editions, but I’ve been using the i3 one for months and it’s great. I’ve had no trouble with updates, etc., so long as I kept up with the release notes. As for old packages, to the best of my knowledge the ISOs are totally up to date with those of the official editions, and in any case you should update soon after installing regardless of which edition you use.


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The difference between official editions and community editions is that the latter are usually put together by a single developer on the team, as an additional offer alongside of the four official editions ─ i.e. KDE Plasma, GNOME, XFCE and Architect.

Yet, other than the chosen graphical interface, there’s no difference once you’ve installed the system. The underlying operating system is still the same, and the updates are issued through the same mechanism, and at the same time. There is no distinction at that level, because it’s all just software from the repositories.


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