I don't see an option to downgrade NVIDIA drivers

i dont see option to downgrade nvidia drivers…
it finds me nvidia 535.xx driver but only on aur

Why you want to downgrade the nvidia driver?

I also would like to downgrade to nvidia 535.xx driver.
I’m experiencing strange visual glitches in various games since the last update. Mostly clipping black screens and image rollback. Is there a way to downgrade?

No - there is no way.

i have stuttering and glitches with 545…
xwayland applications are horrible with this version of drivers


I am having issues with these drivers myself, to the point where I would call it unusable. The only practical solution I have found was to restore my system to before the drivers updated, and not update my system.

+1 for downgrading.


Considering changing user and screen locking is broken on XFCE since the switch to 545 drivers,
and possibly KDE Plasma, too,
and that evidence seems to point to the new drivers

Xfce4 black screen with cursor when switching between users
After 2023-12-01 I can not get in to a timed out session
Unable to login on resume due to the “empty” login screen

that a quick search on the web returns a fair number of anomalies occuring on 545
and that 535 is the current recommended production/stable driver here:

+1 for downgrading.

or at least have an option to choose between the stable/unstable drivers

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