I don't find /.config/terminator directory

Hi everyone.

I have installed Terminator from Manjaro community branch and I would like edit Terminator “config” file but I don’t find it. I checked “terminator_config” documentation and I just found this:

Normally the config file will be ~/.config/terminator/config, but it may be overridden with $XDG_CONFIG_HOME (in which case it will be $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/terminator/config)

However, no “/.config/terminator” directory exist in my user home, neither “XDG_CONFIG_HOME”.

you create it yourself, man terminator to see if there is a template you can copy.

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But Terminator work with a default setting and I suppose that must be working with a default config file, isn’t it?

Forgive me If I am asking a stupid question, I am not a experience user.

Thanks in advance.

start the program
go to settings
alter a setting - you can undo it later
this will create that config file in

Since terminator has a settings dialog there should be no need to edit the file directly …

Theoretically, Terminator have got a GUI to change settings but I have not found it.

I suppose that could be an issue of Terminator repository from Manjaro community branch. What do you think?

Did you try a right click inside the terminal window? :wink:

OMFG! I am so stupid dude hahahaha :sweat_smile:. I have been clicking on the top bar but I have didn’t imagine do right on the middle. :blush:

Thanks you so much.

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