I don’t want an update, I want stable KDE

No, no, no, I don’t want an update, I want stable KDE . I still have work! I don’t really want to fix system problems during working hours. If I need new features I will switch to unstable myself !!!

calm choice release!


I think, a rolling release distribution like Manjaro is not the best choice for you.
You better take something like Debian, (K)Ubuntu, Mint, …


You reply to his reply makes no sense.

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You’re right.

Hi, or OpenSuse Tumbleweed. There is also a slowroll option (rolling but less/more stable updates)


It’s possible we were missing some context.

The context is my post, and then he replied that he doesn’t want the update [now] he want a stable KDE [no need to cry about the update]. Then said if he wants the update he would switch to Unstable.

Then he got replied to that Manjaro is not for him which makes no sense regarding his reply to my reply.

Yes, but now, this was the response to it:

So, I’m confused. :slight_smile:

He replied to me. I thought, but now I see he replied to him. Whatever, clear all that ■■■■ off topic again.

He replied to @gert

…but, no matter. Cheers.

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