I don’t have (RW,exec) permissions on a 2tb ex4 usb hdd for my steam games

dear fellow members. i switched to manjaro since few days i am from ubuntu mate.
now i have installed and configured manjaro mate without any problems.

Now I’m running into a problem I can’t figure out
I have a 2tb ex4 usb hdd for my steam games.
now steam doesn’t want to run the games because I don’t have (RW,exec) permissions on the disk, with ubuntu I could adjust the “fstab” this worked perfectly so that steam/proton ran the games

this is not working on manjaro i don’t know what i can do now.
anyone have an idea how i can solve this.

What is the output:

  • lsblk -f


  • cat /etc/fstab

You need to run sudo chmod 755 ...

Give yourself proper permission obviously?


so what you (or we) would need to know
aka: see
is what that adjustment to /etc/fstab in Ubuntu looked like …

There is no reason the very same line would not work the same in Manjaro or Arch.

Different user/group → different permission. One reason I see.

yeah, I see that too - but once we see what he did, it can be adapted to the current situation

it is just a matter of proper permissions
and what that means is what he is probably … struggling with

If I recall correctly Ubuntu systems uses a slightly different convention for user and group ids.

When moving a devices from another Linux system - the files may be assigned another user and group id ownership.

Mount the device and cd into the mounted folder and change ownership to your Manjaro user

:warning: never do this in the root of your system - only inside the mount point where the device is mounted - the variable $USER is a system variable identifying the user executing the command - assuming your device is mounted at /data/games

sudo chown $USER:$USER /data/games -R