I deleted a video in Manjaro, how can i to recover it?

I deleted a video it was at 12am at colombia of today.
plz help

How did you delete the file? If you did this in the console its gone for good, i‘m not sure if any of the file managers keeps a buffer.
As a general rule of thumb, don‘t delete anything in Linux if you are not sure about it.

Have you checked the content of the folder ~/.local/share/Trash ?

If it is not in the trash folder but you really deleted it
by insisting on it not to be moved there
and if it is really important
then you need to stop using the disk immediately
boot up another system, make an image from the partition containing the file (or of the whole disk)
and then use software like photorec or something else to try to recover the file
working off the image, not off the original partition/disk

This could be very tedious and take you a long time - or have some professional do it but then be prepared to pay quite a lot …

Hopefully it’s in the trash …

yep, but the wich imm looking for is’ not there

i did

but i need recover it :confused:

how can i d it?
any youtube video?

I can only outline the process - and I already did.
Stop using the drive!

Any write operation might overwrite your file - if that happens
(and it could happen at any random time)
then no amount of recovery effort will help you.

I’m very, very far away from being an expert on how to do this and what tools are best.
I just know the procedure a bit and the name of one possible tool.

Stop using the drive.
Make an image/a bit by bit copy of it.
then find out how to recover the file from that image.

I deleted the file in the desktop

Run sudo pacman -S testdisk.
And try to search in google "linux testdisk " and find some tutorial.

See : https://www.tecmint.com/install-testdisk-data-recovery-tool-in-linux/

or search " PhotoRec linux"

It is unlikely but also unpredictable
but the moment something is installed, something is written to disk, it could be written where the file was
which then makes recovery truly impossible.

testdisk might be the tool to use - but from an image of the disk or from a read only mounted drive

insert manjaro cd, insert a usb , install testdisk in manjaro cd(on ram) and restore file from hard disk to usb.

:+1: that might work - without having to create an image/a dd copy

Good advice so far. Some further:

  • The package testdisk is the one to install, bacause it provides photorec. Testdisk itself does not help you here.
  • Use photorec to recover the file from the image you created with dd. Do note that files recovered like this may be unnamed and unsorted, and it will likely takes days to find this exact file, and there is a fair chance that it is already unrecoverable. For easy tutorial:
  • Another approach that might be helpful:
  • I would also consider trying this:


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Linux Data Recovery Software. Hard Drive recovery utility

I didn’t know about this one.
Perhaps it can help me, since I recently
for some reason
initiated a fsck on an external, encrypted hdd
again: somehow
was not properly (un)mounted - it was really strange
(the system went into hibernation with the device still connected
it woke up the next day, I unmounted it and for some reason started the fs check)
fsck ran for a while with the “yes, repair it” option
with many, many errors “corrected”
until I stopped it
disk not mountable/filesystem not decryptable anymore

I doubt it will help me in this case, though, since the LUKS encryption leaves nothing distinguishable for anything to latch on to.