I clonezilla manjaro to new hard drive but lose extend storage space

My old drive is 120gb, the new one is 240gb.
I use clonezilla to backup the old one to image, and restore to new hard drive.
After restore, the system isnt regconize new hard drive as 240gb, it is display as 120gb like the old drive.
Sorry I dont know how to describe the problem in words, pls take a look at the picture below for more clearer:

That’s normal. Use GParted to extend the partition while booted into the live Manjaro ISO (or any other ISO with GParted).


You did right.

And you may have a look at:



(especially the warning)

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Thank you, gparted solve the problem, while kde partition manager cant do that

@andreas85 thank you for the information, it is useful

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