I can't use Firefox anymore

Whether I click on firefox icon or open it as a command in a terminal (firefox or firefox -P) it doesn’t open any window. There is no problem with any other program (including TOR and Palemoon).

The processes appear when I open the system activity manager (Ctrl + Esc). I rebooted a couple of times and nothing has changed. I have my computer upgraded regarding Firefox.

I only have one virtual desktop. This happened after I removed my SSD from my laptop and use it as an external drive with another computer (in which it used to work perfectly as an external drive, so this shouldn’t be relevant)

I’m using:

  • Mozilla Firefox 107.0
  • Manjaro Linux (with Plasma)
  • No addon has been installed recently (like, in months)
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had the same issue, remove all firefox language packs and manjaro-browser-settings then reboot. See if it helps.
Manjaro browser settings is causing issues.

you can then reinstall lang packs if you need them

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Same thing for one of my Manjaro PCs. Firefox sometimes opens, and sometimes not. When it doesn’t, three Firefox processes appear with ps -e | grep firefox. Killing them and trying to start Firefox again may work… or may not. It’s a totally random process, which makes the thing even stranger.

Didn’t try to uninstall manjaro-browser-settings, though.

Please have a look at this thread :

there are some solutions including a simple “clear start cache” that worked for me.

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