I can't update Manjaro BSPWM due to Limepanel

Hi! i’m trying to update the system, but it ask me if I want to replace terminus-font-otb with community/terminus-font because they’re in conflict. I only can accept the update if I replace it, but, when I confirm the action, the update stops and warn me that “removing terminus-font-otb breaks the dependence with terminus-font-otb, that is necesary to limepanel”. I checked the config of Limepanel and there’s no terminus font selected.

How can I solve this? I’d be very thankful to anyone that can help me.

Fixed with limepanel 0.48.r133.g3366074-3.

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After may attempts, I can update again. Thanks. Is there a way to delete this post?

I could delete it, but it would be better to leave it up as a reference in case someone else had the same issue. Not every mirror syncs at the same time. :wink:

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