I can't turn on my pc - Failed to start Load Kernel Modules - Failed to mount Mount unit for core 18, revision 1880

Sorry for my bad english and may be wrong question category, but I can’t use my computer because after lenovo logo computer shows me this

It begun to happening after I turned of my computer while it was installing a Tor brauser (I downloaded it just for fun) from app manager. When pc shows me these failings i can’t write anything to console, I can only push power button and turn of computer. Please tell me how to resurrect my pc

How did you install it? Where did you get it (software) from?

may be partial update

boot on USB iso manjaro live
open a terminal

sudo manjaro-chroot -a ( type 1 if only one line appears )
pacman-mirrors --continent
pacman -Syyu


maybe need also fsck for repairs partitions

If this is just a recent install and you are in the learning phase, well the easiest way would be to simply reinstall. This happens to every new Linux User, and we we all have Borked our systems.

Reinstalling is the fastest for Newbies to recover, and every time I switch to new distro, I end up doing this.

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My friend installed me manjaro if you are talking about it. Tor I was downloading by pamac manager, may be…

may be somebody will write interesting solutions, just now I’ll try to install windows

Well, If you want to go from a newbe to someone with control over your system, this is not the way to go. Sure you can always reinstall if it becomes too hard, but it’s good to take the effort to learn something before giving up. The chrooting process is actually not so extremely difficult and gives you great sattisfaction when you can save your system that way.


It’s interesting idea, but how to fix system by chrooting? It’s a bit difficult for me

All is ok, I have installed ubuntu

I’ll leave this thread just for reference that such things can happen if you turn off your computer during the installation of a package.

Failed to start Load Kernel Modules
Failed to mount Mount unit for core 18, revision 1880

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