I can't start linux Manjaro after updating headers

Guys, after updating headers, I restarted my laptop, and since then it doesn’t start is on a gray screen, well then I said: “the only way out is to make a USB flash drive and format the PC”. But he doesn’t enter the BIOS anymore, so you tell me: “oh, just reset the BIOS!”. I tried all the ways, take the battery out of the notebook, start without the HD, change the battery on the motherboard, anyway it does not boot and does not enter the bios. Is there any way out? If anyone can help me, I really appreciate it! I’m desperate because I use the notebook to study: /

Manjaro has nothing to do with your BIOS or Hardware.

How long did you leave the CMOS cell out for? … Is there a contact pair or jumper to fully reset the CMOS?