I can't remove wine

Hello so i compiled a wine version (wine 5.22) and installed it
i tried to remove it using sudo pacman -Rdd wine but wine still present on system
any solution to uninstall it

Try :
sudo pamac remove wine

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sudo pamac remove wine
Error: target not found: wine
and whene i run this command i got a version of wine not installed
wine --version

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Hello, did the command succeed? If yes, Wine is uninstalled already.

But the wine folders in your home, or shortcuts in your applications menu will still be there. They have to be manually removed.

Where are located the Wine remnants you saw?

How did you compile and install it?

Package managers will only work, if you did it through a package manager.

If you manually compiled and installed the WINE package, you’re going to have to manually remove it yourself.

You can’t use pacman or pamac to remove it. One of the reasons why we usually only recommend people to install packages from our repo or AUR if possible. If not, then try Flatpak, AppImage, or Snap.

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There’s no reason to do that when programs like Lutris, PlayOnLinux and Bottles exist to help install different wine versions in their own containers (or bottles).