I can't put a password to the hotspot on kde

every time I use the default hotspot it works without problems but I don’t like to leave the hotspot without a key

but every time I create a custom hotspot no device can connect to the network

It might be a limitation of the capabilities of your wireless card.
Or it might be a configuration issue.

Share your configuration if you can’t figure out the issue.

Also look in the terminal for $ iw list, and compare with the configuration you are trying to set up. Maybe wifi is not capable of giving you what you want.

im using the default network manager on kde

iw list returnns this

Supported interface modes:
* managed
* AP
* monitor
* mesh point
* P2P-client
* P2P-GO
* outside context of a BSS
that means has the mode??

if i try to use a wep key i get this error “Authorization supplicant failed” wpa/wpa2 says its ok but no device cant connect to the wifi

i just found and answer but thats for ubuntu

After much trial and error, I believe I found the solution. I had to change the power saving settings for NetworkManager:

sudoedit /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/default-wifi-powersave-on.conf

Change the number 3 to a 2.“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”"

how can i do that on my manjaro kde?

Manjaro KDE using Network Manager, then the same as in the example. If there is no such file, it will be created, just type this:

sudo nano /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/default-wifi-powersave-on.conf

File content:

wifi.powersave = 2

Put Ctrl + O for save and Ctrl + X to close editor
And reboot (?) Just try

I do not think that this is your answer - so far you just hope it is.

That file does not exist - unless you have created it yourself.
There is nothing to edit.

If you have some power manager software running (like TLP)
disable it, as a quick fix to see whether this changes anything.
I don’t think it will.


If you want to analyze what is going on, why and when it fails
use one of the following commands in a terminal to see live what is happening.
Perhaps the messages tell you something, tip you off on what to fix and how.

journalctl -f

sudo dmesg -w

the problem still there i think it has something to do with wpa suplicant or some like that
its a shame that i have to leave it open withou
t pass

of course - you changed nothing - and you did not analyze it

The commands where for analyzing the problem - not for magically fixing it