I cant ping any domain but I can still connect to the internet

I can access the web just fine on my browser and can do curl, wget and such but whenever I use the ping command I cant seem to get a response. As to how it lead me to this problem, I was trying to use NPX and it returned a host unreachable error and I tried to ping the npm registry, and got this response

[ipv6 address thing here] icmp_seq=3 Destination unreachable: Address unreachable

To make sure that it wasn’t only the npm domain having this kind of issue, I tried to ping google as well and got the same error.

Pinging with IPv4 flag works just fine
It seems that the only thing im having trouble with is accessing IPv6 addressess

Can you ping IPv6 address? Maybe dns problem?

ping -6 2a00:1450:4014:80a::2003

Maybe check what the journal tells you:

journalctl --boot 0 --unit NetworkManager.service