I can't open and execute tar.zx files

Hey everyone, I can’t open and execute any tar.zx ( tor-browser-linux64-10.5.2_en-US.tar.xz ) files on manjaro Xfce
Help me please !!

pamac install xz


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There is no such thing as zx archive.

xz is not zx … so, you can install engrampa then you will see this two options in File Manager


Otherwise the second option should be there by default as mentioned above … It can be done also trough file-rolleror xarchiver too.

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The TOR browser is in the AUR. :arrow_down:

pamac build tor-browser

Sorry for “zx” lol

yes I know but I would like to install a tar.xz files ( tor browser ) ?

Yes ok but I have others files same ( awesomeminer-remoteagent.tar.xz ) how do that ?

You just extract the folder inside the archive and then you have inside it the strart-thor-browser.desktop file, and you launch it … have you done what @megavolt suggested or install another archive manager and open the tzr.xz with it? Maybe you changed the file association with something else?

I managed to install tor browser via AUR but I tried the command “pacman install xz” it didn’t work but maybe I typed it wrong ?

That is either sudo pacman -S xz in pacman or, pamac install xz in pamac; you did a combo. :wink:

You cannot install tarred files.
You cannot execute tarred files.

They are archives which need to be unpacked before you can access the files inside - including running any scripts inside the archive.

tar.$algo is a tarred file and the extra extension can be one of several - including .xz - indicating which secondary compressor has been used.

Use either engrampa, fileroller, ark and similiar utility to extract the content of such archive.

Very well thank you all for helping me!

In fact I just understood, the file I downloaded was not the software but something to help but the software is not available on linux
Sorry for the inconvenience.

The software, i.e., tor browser, is available in linux, of course! In Manjaro, it is not available in the Manjaro official repositories, but it is available in the AUR and you can also download the source archive and extract it using an archive manager (as @bogdancovaciu and @megavolt previously said)to use the software. The file you downloaded was that .tar.xz archive. You can think of it as the box in which an online retailer delivers your products in (The product is the software, of course).

Yes yes thanks, I dowload tor browser in the AUR :wink: